Lease income matters

At West Central Property Services, we are trained and experienced in lease review and market rent analysis.

Income-producing properties are typically purchased as an investment and are thereby impacted by contract and market rents. A leasehold or leased fee is based on the contract rights as presented in a lease, and therefore appraisers need training and experience to differentiate between what is generally representative of the market and other elements of a contract that are not typical of the market.

West Central Property Services can analyze lease agreements and look at the various lease terms, types of rental rates achieved, various recoverable expenses, any specific responsibilities by the landlord or tenants, etc. We can also provide market rental analysis to determine whether the rental rates achieved at a property are within the range of market rents or if they are above or below what is typical of the area for that property type. We can also provide an indication of market rent for clients, whether it be landlords or tenants, whom are looking to sign a new lease or renew an existing lease.

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