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West Central Property Services offers feasibility studies in our scope of work which can determine and indicate if the market value of a project going-in or upon completion and achieving stabilized occupancy, equals or exceeds our client’s investment criteria relative to the costs of development.

A feasibility study is an analysis that investigates whether a project will fulfill the objectives of an investor. That is, the profitability of a specific real estate project is analyzed in terms of the criteria of a specific market or investor.

To analyze the feasibility of an investment (for example a multi-family rental property, a multi-tenant retail or office building, etc.), the appraiser analyzes the market to determine such things as rents, vacancy, supply, demand, etc. These inputs are then used in the modeling to estimate the subject’s anticipated value or rates of return and compared against the anticipated costs to determine whether the investors expectations can be met by the proposed project. There are times when changes are required to the proposed project to make it more feasible, there are other times where it is better to invest the money elsewhere. We can help you with those decisions!

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